Sales service system

The Ronda sales team is here to give you the best solutions for your products and customers.


  • 40 strong professional R&D Team
  • Our special projects team will support your product development
  • 3D drawings and STEP files available to reduce your time to market
  • Factory visits and audits are always welcome
  • Same day response


  • Regular feedback regarding production status
  • On-Time delivery
  • Shared manufacturing know-how to increase efficiencies


  • Any follow up service requirements will be dealt with quickly and efficiently
  • We offer a comprehensive 8D reporting service in the rare event of a non-conformance query
  • In the event of a non-conclusive internal report, we will use independent test facilities
  • If there is a genuine product issue we will initiate a rapid response and resolution service

What you needed is not shown on the web-site? Don't worry! Our batteries is Customized, we will give you a better and better service and best solution.

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